VIDEO: Chaos Erupt in Kisumu County After Senator Fred Outa Disrupted Anyang Nyong’o’s Press Briefing

Kisumu Governor Senator Fred Outa pulled a bold move on the county boss Professor Anyang’ Nyong’o disrupted his press conference at Kogalo Evacuation Centre while addressing those who were affected by the floods.

Angry Outa accused, Nyong’o of blocking Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Sanitation and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki from visiting those who were affected by the floods.

Taking control of everything on the venue, Outa told off Nyong’o to stop addressing the people who were gathered around him.

“You don’t address the nation, this is a county government, he must address his own people. Where is Tanui of the National Irrigation Board? We don’t want these stories that Nyong’o giving, those are a bunch of stories, nonsense!” Outa stated.

“We understand that the governor of Kisumu County called Eugene Wamalwa not to come here and you can see that a lot of people have come here today to expect relief from the national government, ” Outa further escalated.

“So what we have decided, there will be no money that will be given to the county government to eat. We are asking the national government to channel all the resources to the National Irrigation Board,” Outa further stated.

“Today we don’t want politics here, I made it very clear, we are not here for politics, ” Outa warned.

“We are here to be with our people who elected us but we don’t want to engage in politics where a governor can call a CS who is already at the airport and tell him he was not consulted, that’s why the CS cannot come,” Outa added.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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