Veteran Citizen TV Journalist Accuses Babu Owino of Threatening Him, Shares Screenshots of Alarming Texts

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino is once again in the spotlight for threatening a citizen Television journalist over his work at the S.K Macharia owned station.

This is after Citizen Television senior news editor Muraya Kariuki yesterday evening took to social media exposing threatening the messages allegedly sent to him by the legislator.

“I just received a very nasty phone call from a person who introduced themselves as Hon Babu Owino on +254 711 111311 This has to do with the work I do. It is not good manners to try scare lowly journalists. Tunaomba tufanye kazi kwa amani,” he posted.

In the text message, Owino told the journalist to take responsibility for the negative news he has been airing about the Orange Democratic Movement Party leader Raila Odinga at the Dennis Pritt road station while accusing him of being on DP Ruto’s payroll.

“You can enjoy your small cheo (post). You’ll take responsibility for the negative news you chose to air against Baba. We have proven beyond per adventure that you are on DP’s payroll,” reads the message sent to Muraya.

“One mongrel with a bird’s brain holding diploma in Journalism, who is paid by DP to mess and/or soil the otherwise good name of Citizen TV is Muraya Kariuki. Rotten to the core,” Owino wrote.

Muraya then went on to ask the lawmaker to allow him to do his work without any interference thereby asking him to take up the matter with his bosses at the company.

“It is not good manners to try scare lowly journalists. Tunaomba tufanye kazi kwa amani (We pray for peace as we carry on with our duties)…File a formal complaint please, with my bosses or any regulatory body that you feel would address your concerns,” Muraya stated.

While responding to the allegations, Babu admitted to having called the journalist and accused him of using his position at Citizen TV to air negative news about the former Prime Minister.

“Yes I called you na utawacha ujinga yako. It’s both a professional misconduct and unprofessional conduct using your position to influence and air negative news against Baba,” Babu tweeted.

While reverting back to Muraya’s post, Babu tweeted: “You told me that you choose whoever appears on news, I see how important you are. Even my grandmother can do that.”

This comes the same day Media Council of Kenya advised legislators aggrieved with any media house to file complaints with the Media Complaints Commission.

“It is legally mandated to handle such matters under Section 27 of the Media Council Act, 2013 and issue remedies as it deems appropriate,” remarked MCK.

The media regulatory body was responding to DP Ruto allies after launching attacks on Citizen Television asking their followers to boycott the station, having been angered by the Tv’s coverage on DP’s motorcade being pelted with stones.

“Politicians cannot on their own accord, term the media as unprofessional. Such action amounts to taking the law into their own hands and proceeding to pronounce judgement on an issue they are not made to prosecute,” the Media Council stated.

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