VDJ Jones; I’m not afraid to say it- Benzema denied me a collabo only to start calling after I hit

The last time there erupted a beef between Genge tone groups, it was between popular city group Mbogi Genje and Machado of Gotta City. The rift threatened to get bloody as it quickly began picking up features of the deadly street brawls of American hood battles and Jamaican ghetto fights. It took the intervention of feared alleged police vigilante Hessy who declared that both groups weren’t bands but in fact gangs, and before their violence spills into the city, he would clear them both. This appeared to calm the boys who didn’t want to get entangled with Hessy. However, it now appears that another deadly brawl may be in the making.

Popular DJ and hitmaker Jones Achido, also known as VDJ Jones has now come out to claim that on two occasions, Ochungulo family music group member Benzema, also known as Alehandro, denied him a chance of them working together.

VDJ Jones claims that the first time was back when he came up with the concept for Wale Mang’aa. He says that he approached Benzema with the idea but Benzema turned him down saying he wasn’t interested. VDJ Jones revealed that he then decided to follow Genge legend Jua Cali, and so determined was he that he decided to track him down to his office. Thankfully, Jua Cali obliged.

The second time was with his other hit song Inachuna, where, even after turning him down the first time only for Wale Mang’aa to become a major hit, this time Benzema was convinced there was no way lightening could strike twice, and Inachuna was going to take the same route. So, he again turned him down. According to VDJ Jones, Benzema told him he just wasn’t feeling it because the track wasn’t tight.

Like the first time, VDJ Jones decided to soldier on, and once again, Inachuna blew. He says this was so much so that it reached a point they would be chilling in the studio, and within an hour they would see the song gather 50 thousand views.

He claims that this time Benzema even put aside his pride and called him, confessing that he couldn’t believe just how big the song had become.

Benzema who has in the past had spats with fellow artistes such as Noti Flow is yet to respond to the claims that might very easily degenerate into a fierce war.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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