Vaite Murume shares how he used an incredible tactic to shut up a heckler, and it worked!

The 2019 video that went viral of DP Ruto engaging in a shouting contest with a heckler and trying to shut him down during a rally just goes on to prove that dealing with hecklers is a problem which transcends profession; everyone, from entertainers to leaders, have faced this nightmare. When you engage in a verbal contest with a heckler, he gets all the attention as proven in the DP’s case. No one remembered the speech Ruto gave that day. Comedian Vaite Murume confesses that one time, he threatened to beat up a heckler and it didn’t work. However, the next time he was confronted by a heckler, what he did worked like magic and the noisemaker fell silent as a graveyard.

The tall comedian shared his experiences this past week during an appearance on Churchill Show’s The Journey Series.

Jasper told Churchill, his host for the day but who also happens to be his boss, that he considers the stage to be his office and so, never jokes with it or lets anyone joke with it. He opened up about how once he was on stage and came face to face with a heckler who interrupted his show with rowdy behaviour. Jasper said he whispered threats to him away from the microphone, promising to give him a mighty beating if he kept it up, but the menace was undeterred and kept on provoking him.

This incident appeared to extremely amuse Churchill who was beside himself with laughter at the agony Jasper went through.

Jasper however went on to reveal details of a second time that he again underwent such an experience, but acted differently this time round. He said that just like the first time, he was busy performing when his act was interrupted by a noisy heckler. This time, instead of scare tactics, he jumped off stage and handed the heckler the microphone so that he could say whatever he had to say properly. He guy suddenly turned into a shell of his previously boisterous self. The coward in him came out and he now couldn’t even whisper what he had been shouting seconds earlier.

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