“Until when will you keep reminding us about Kiambaa church fire” angry Rift Valley pastor rants

In an angry and livid rant that could have hardly been believed to be coming from a pastor, a Rift Valley cleric, and doubling up as a politician, furiously complained about the constant and annoying reminder of the tragic and sad events which took place in a church in Kiambaa in Rift Valley at the height of the 2007 post-election violence.

He lamented that almost all communities had borne the brunt of the 2007 elections across the country, and no single section of the country had the right to keep reminding others of a single event and drumming it in their heads.
All this was unfolding on Radio Jambo’s weekly political show called Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi which is hosted by Bramwell Mwololo.

Pastor Gerald Bitok who was appearing as a guest on the show, was speaking in response to James Mwangi, who had spoken earlier.

Other guests on the show included former nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura, James Mwangi who speaking on behalf of people living with disabilities, lawyer and activist Brian Weke, and Amani National Congress party official Mulama.
Before Bitok’s outburst, James Mwangi had spoken about the recently concluded by-election in Kiambaa where he said that he was happy with how peaceful the poll had been conducted, and hoped that the Kiambaa in Rift Valley was going to be as peaceful as her namesake in Kiambu County.

This was a clear reference to a dark incident in Kiambaa in Rift Valley, where violent marauding gangs set fire on a church where PEV displaced victims, mainly from the Kikuyu ethnic group, had sought refuge.

Many, including women and children, died in the inferno which was generally blamed on the Kalenjin, and particularly, Kalenjin leaders.

This allusion sent Gerald Bitok, who is the Deputy President’s avid follower, in to an angry rage.

“When I was running around the country campaining for Uhuru, no body mentioned Kiambaa. Now, that’s all that we keep hearing. Until when will you keep reminding us of Kiambaa? Kwendeni huko. Let’s stop this stupidity. Every tribe was affected in the post-election violence; from Kilungu Hills to Kisumu.”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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