Uncertainty in ODM, worry for Orengo, as former Siaya Senate aspirant makes huge statement

Back in 2013, Agnes Salome Awour was the object of several jokes and ridicule. At the time, she was a nun, or rather, a former nun who had just left sisterhood and entered politics to vie for the Siaya County Senate seat. People wondered why on Earth anybody would leave the convent to try their hand in the dirty world of politics, more so against established Nyanza titans like James Orengo. As was expected, she lost, and lost miserably. However, she didn’t go to sleep. For the last decade or so, Agnes has embarked on a campaign to amass power, build strong networks and a formidable political machine. Now she’s causing waves and quakes in the political scene after hosting the Odingas.

On Friday as she feted the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga at Villa Rosa Kempinski, one could hardly notice she was the naïve sister Agnes from 2013. What wasn’t hardly noticeable was that Siaya senator James Orengo didn’t feature prominently in the event as he ordinarily would.
Earlier in the year it was already apparent the progress Agnes Salome had made in endearing herself closer to the Odingas after she feted the former Prime Minister’s wife in a separate event.
It is still not yet clear which seat Orengo will be gunning for come next year, with some convinced that he might go for the gubernatorial position upon Governor Rasanga’s exit. However, if Orengo decides to continue work as a legislator, then the party might be headed for a major clash that may result in a fallout. Agnes Salome’s political plans are also still not well known.

During the award ceremony organised by the Hekima Kaka Society at Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel in Nairobi, leaders thanked Raila for his exemplary leadership.

Hakima cited Odinga’s handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9, 2018, after the acrimonious 2017 General Election.Speaking during the ceremony, Raila thanked the Hekima Society for recognising his contribution to foster peace and unity in the country.

“Thank you for doing this, it takes a lot of time to organise a function like this, I am looking like a king,” he said.

He said he was a Pan-Africanist but afro-optimist at the same time adding that he believed in the ability of the African people to develop the African continent.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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