Unbelievable impunity; horrifying details of what CS Rotich allegedly did during Arror outrage

Details that keep coming out concerning the two scandal-ridden dams of Arror and Kimwarer paint the picture of seemingly rogue and reckless public servants with no regard for the law and no fear of punishment. In shockingly brazen and incredible conduct, reports have been issued about what former Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich allegedly had the audacity to do at a time when the entire country was in dismay amidst outcry over the then raging Arror-Kimwarer dam scandal.

Kenya received Sh16.2 billion from Italian bank Intesa San Paolo for the construction of Arror and Kimwarer dams in a period when investigations into the misuse of funds in the project were ongoing.
The Treasury’s public debt registry shows that the Italian bank wired the billions in the year starting July 2019, just days after former Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich was arrested on suspicion of financial misconduct related to the construction of the two dams.

This suggests that the arrests or ongoing probe of a suspect loan deal to finance the construction of Arror and Kimwarer dams did not stop Intesa San Paolo from releasing additional debt for the project.

The register shows that Kenya had received Sh3.4 billion ahead of July 2019 when reports of and investigations into the alleged financial misconduct linked to the construction of two dams were in the public domain.

In September 2019, President Uhuru Kenyatta cancelled the projects after receiving a report from a technical committee, which he had formed following the discovery of irregularities and improprieties surrounding the two mega infrastructure projects.

The cancellations came in a financial year when Arror dam received Sh11 billion while an additional Sh5.2 billion meant for Kimwarer was wired to Kenya. The Spanish firm was supposed to disburse a total of Sh74.3 billion (578.2 million Euros) repayable over 14 years beginning May 2021.

Mr Rotich is accused of hiding behind government- to- government procurement to single source the privately owned SACE and craft an exorbitant Sh11 billion cover for the dams’ project, which had hardly taken off because designs had not been drawn while the Kenya Forest Service had declined to provide land.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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