Unbelievable conflict of interest; Mwakideu uses Milele FM to bash his 2022 Wundanyi opponent’s party

In a shocking and unprecedented conflict of interest that was captured on live radio, Milele FM presenter Alex Mwakideu went all out in a brazen and raw scathing attack against Wiper Democratic Party, (WDP), going as far as even calling members of the party names.

While cheered on by his brand new co-presenter, comedianne Wilbroda, Mwakideu teered on the edge of going rogue as he launched a vicious verbal onslaught on the political party of Danson Mwashako Mwakuwona, who is the serving member of parliament for Wundanyi constituency, and who Alex Mwakideu is expected to face off with next year in the race for the constituency’s parliamentary seat.


A while back, Mwakideu announced that he would be seeking Wundanyi constituency’s parliamentary seat.
Yesterday’s dramatic show began within a very innocent context. It started with Mwakideu registering his displeasure with a section of Wiper Democratic Party MCAs.


Apparently, the MCAs had claimed that before his death, Kalembe Ndile had become a member of the Wiper party, and so, they intended to drape his coffin in WDP colours and also fill the funeral ceremony with wipers flags and regalia.


Mwakideu and Wilbroda then went ahead to say that this was not only disrespectful of the Wiper MCAs to the family of the dead leader, but also quite insensitive.
However, soon after this, Mwakideu went into full assault, insulting the Wiper MCAs and calling them names.


What was most noticeable throughout the entire episode, nevertheless, was the glaring way in which both presenters were handling the situation. Wilbroda, although also incensed and angry with the MCAs, personalised the attacks on them and didn’t drag in their party. As for Mwakideu however, he kept connecting them to their party, and each time he lambasted them, he roped in Wiper too.


While use of resources for campaigning has always been witnessed and criticised among government workers, such conduct is also wrong as media rules demand impartiality and fairness.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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