Ukambani insider reveals real unknown reason why Mutua withdrew from Machakos race

Now that the Machakos senatorial by-election race is over, it seems like it is the right time for people to reveal deep-seated secrets that they have been sitting on all along.

One such case is the revelation surrounding the reason why Maendeleo Chap Chap’s party leader and Machakos governor Alfred Mutua decided to pull out his candidate, Katuku Mutua, from the race.

The version which the governor had given when announcing his decision was that he was withdrawing because of his concern for his county in particular, and the country at large. He even shared intimate details of a phone conversation he had held with his former party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, when he revealed that he called Kalonzo seeking to find a truce and a consensus on how to move forward. He said that Kalonzo responded to him coldly.

“He was adamant, and held that it was either his way or no way at all. He exhibited a high level of arrogance”

Mutua went on to say that after this incident, he decided to take the high road and withdraw from the race. He went on to further claim that in addition to Kalonzo’s disagreeable demeanour, he also heard from reliable sources that wiper party was planning to carry out chaos on the election day, and so in order to avoid all this, he saw it fit to pull out of the race all together.

However, nominated senator Sylvia Kasanga of the Wiper party has now come out to make it clear why Alfred Mutua withdrew.

According to Kasanga, although Mutua was confident of bagging many votes, he knew that the votes wouldn’t be enough to beat the wiper candidate. Because of this, he devised a way to avoid the embarrassment of outright defeat, but at the same time, delegitimise Wiper’s win.

He, according to Kasanga, decided to pull out so that the disillusionment of his voters and complacency on the part of wiper supporters, would ensure a low voter turnout.[0]=AT3BIccOZga5C5MUYoNHXh7Z8HGWk45zvrKCcgp0JgM842G2y9AWN5bUbi9KqcF-2KdMkYo0v8kO0lzS9oI8vk2K3amQRJTx_lqcA1hm44z9NdrgfkWTBCeC9X1SHl3yJg-_pGLWyDZIy5N29GANiCsA1fGK5_YJKo6IZHq20S46Z18

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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