Uhuru uses Ukambani squabbling leaders as an example, and cancels area’s planned tour

In what is turning out to be a dizzying to and fro by State House, although latest reports now indicate that the president’s Ukambani tour has once again been put back on track, reports are emerging that its previous cancellation was a heavy and stern message to Kamba leaders from Uhuru and his kitchen cabinet.


As the 2022 polls edge ever closer, and with his deputy breathing fire over his neck as evidenced by the ongoing fierce Kiambaa by-election campaigns, the president is pulling all stops to ensure that there’s solid and unbreakable unity as he tries to form a squad that will face off with Ruto in the forthcoming elections. In his latest iron-fist decision against Kamba leaders, he has given the clearest indication yet that, at the slightest sign of disunity, he will disengage, as he charts his way towards 2022.


It is now emerging that, contrary to the earlier given reason, the real reason behind Uhuru’s cancellation of his tour of Ukambani at the last minute had to do with the squabbling among the area’s leaders which caused displeasure with the president.

Uhuru’s planned tour was to include an inspection of the Konza Technopolis in Machakos County before proceeding to inspect the Thwake dam project in Makueni County and later launching Kibwezi – Kitui road.

However, Governor Alfred Mutua told the media that the tour was pushed back a few weeks to monitor the Covid-19 situation in the region.

“As leaders of the region, we understand the importance of keeping our society safe and ensuring the President leads from the front in complying with Covid health guidelines,” he said.

President Kenyatta’s last development tour in Nyanza triggered backlash from many Kenyans due to the nature of his engagements.

“We welcome the President and I, in particular, appreciate the partnership Machakos has with the National Government in rolling our development projects for my people,” he said.


The trip had been mooted after a meeting with governors and leaders from Ukambani on June 14.
However, now latest reports indicate that Kalonzo’s frequent skirmishes with the Ukambani governors, and the clear show of disunity made the president call off his trip.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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