Uhuru To Lend His 2017 Campaign Secretariat Headed By Tuju and Murathe To Raila Odinga

President Uhuru Kenyatta is doing all he can and everything in his power to make ODM leader Raila Odinga, his apparent preffered successor, the next President of the country, it has been established.

However, he is doing this from behind the scenes, as he has not made it clear that he will be supporting Raila in next year’s elections. In a recent interview, he also said that Raila hasn’t declared his bid.

But emerging details now indicate that he has lent Raila the people behind his (Uhuru) 2013 and 2017 victories, who are now hard at work to see to it that the former Premier, just like Uhuru, wins the elections.

Uhuru has also reportedly lent Raila the services of his monied buddies; his financiers and wealthy businessmen, who have taken up Raila’s case and are keen to see that he is the next president.

The team from Mt Kenya, which is said to determine what happens in government, has successfully identified Raila as it’s man for 2022, but he will have to explain himself to them at a luncheon today.

It operates under the name Mt Kenya Foundation but it’s members are largely referred to as Mt Kenya Tycoons.

“We want to hear Raila’s plans for Mt Kenya. You know we were very instrumental in Kibaki and Uhuru’s presidencies. We want him to tell us his agenda for our coffee, tea. It is more of an interactive session for the region to engage the former premier,” former Dagoretti South MP Dennis Waweru, a member of the foundation, said on Monday.

Among Uhuru’s allies dispatched to help Raila with the strategy part is Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju, Vice Chair David Murathe, Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia and Mt Kenya Foundation Vice Chair Titus Ibui, The Star has established.

Murathe has been more vocal about Raila and his bid and has even told Kenyans to prepare for his one term presidency next year.

The main part of the plan, the paper has established, is to help Raila get the Mt Kenya vote, with which Uhuru’s camp believes winning the seat will be easy.

He has been seen doing his part by trying to woo the region and rallying it behind him, as was the case when he visited parts of the region yesterday.

“This is now time for us to work together. Are you ready? I want us to work together in this third liberation, which is economic liberation, so that we can fight poverty,” he told residents of Chaka in Nyeri during stopover yesterday

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