Uhuru; the promises I made to the nation supersede those I made to an individual.

In the clearest indication yet so far that President Uhuru will not be honoring his promise to support his deputy come 2022, the president has said that he is putting the interests of the nation ahead of those of an individual.
Speaking yesterday in a joint interview hosted by four different vernacular stations of the Kikuyu language, the president, in the hard-hitting interview, acknowledged that indeed he had offered to support his deputy, but then went on to intimate that, at the same time, there were promises that he made to the people, such as providing them with a calm society that was functional and operational, and his conviction to fulfill this promise far outweighs any promise he might have made to any individual.
In the wide reaching interview, the president also spoke on the current debate about hustlers versus dynasties. Citing the popular incident which was captured on camera recently and has since gone viral, of a bunch of motorcycle riders torching a vehicle as they claimed the owner was dynasty, the president said that those perpetrating the hustlers versus dynasties narrative were fermenting disunity, and that incident was a perfect example of the dangers that lay ahead.
On the issue of Sonko, the president said that to begin with, Sonko became governor because of his support. However, the president went on to say, that immediately he took over the leadership of the county, his work became fighting with everyone and forgetting what he was elected to do. He said that since General Badi took over the running of the county, Services had been streamlined and labour itself has been made more efficient. He said that he would continue to take steps which ensure that the city is functional in order to attract investors.
When put on the spot about his reluctance to visit the Mount Kenya region, and whether he was perhaps apprehensive that the mood may have changed, and grown hostile towards him, he said that he was in fact looking forward to touring the area, and would soon give out his schedule.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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