Uhuru stuns many by giving a shout-out to an attempted murder suspect during Kayole rally speech

Yesterday afternoon, the president was in quite a jolly mood as he went to commission a newly constructed hospital in Soweto area within Kayole estate of Nairobi. It is one of the 24 hospitals that the Nairobi Metropolitan Services had earlier on, pledged to construct. In addition to the health facility, he also commissioned a water project, which he declared was to be accessed by the locals at no cost.

It was after he was through with the day’s activities and was addressing a crowd that had gathered round him in that same estate, that he mentioned something, or someone, that left people totally surprised at the unexpected tangent that the speech had flown towards.
Uhuru was explaining the benefits of BBI, and urging the residents to support it.

In a double-pronged approach, he began by explaining the material benefits such as the increased county revenue allocation that would come with the constitutional amendments proposed in the BBI report. He then moved on to the social benefits of the BBI such as the improved environment of tranquility and cohesion that was being experienced.

However, he unexpectedly gave a shout-out to Embakassi East MP Babu Owino, saying that it was a good thing the ODM legislator was there with him because, were it not for the handshake, he would be somewhere else throwing stones at him.

Babu Owino is an attempted murder suspect who is currently facing charges for what investigators say was the shooting of an unarmed DJ.

Babu Owino is said to have, early last year, while in a Westlands club known as B club, pulled out a gun and shot Felix Orinda, a disk jockey popularly known as DJ Evolve.

The events that followed were nothing short of dramatic. Babu Owino has later arrested, but then released in an unprecedented bail arrangement where he was required to pay his bail in installments.

DJ Evolve has since called for the charges to be dropped but the DPP, Nordin Haji as yet to make a formal response to the request.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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