Uhuru speaks on dissolving parliament during France visit

President Uhuru Kenyatta has revealed that he has no intention of dissolving the Parliament as was earlier on advised by Chief Justice David Maraga for failure to enact the two-thirds gender rule.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was responding to Chief Justice David Maraga’s advisory on dissolving the parliament during an interview with France 24 on Thursday, October 1 while in Paris, France.

Uhuru stated that it is not his wish to dissolve the parliament but it is also a hard decision to make saying that it is the right of the citizens to elect their preferred representatives.

He further stated that he will decide on the way forward once the court has concluded on the suit that was filed by Leina Konchellah and Mohsen Abdul Munasah.

“It is not what I would like to do but it is an option that has been put (forward) by the Chief Justice. It is hard to implement it but at the end of the day, we must recognize that we must balance the rights of the citizens to elect their representatives and the need for us to have gender parity. 

“We wait to see the outcome of the court process and that will be the time to decide what is going to be the way forward,” Kenyatta stated referring to a case by two Kenyans Leina Konchellah and Mohsen Abdul Munasah who filed a suit in court.

Justice Weldon Korir had temporarily halted Maraga’s advisory pending the outcome of the case that was filed in the court. 

He also responded to claims about his sour relationship with William Ruto stating that his focus is in uniting the country and not quarreling with his deputy. 

Kenyatta maintained that he will retire in 2022 and would not vie for any elective position.

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