Uhuru Says He Is Willing To Serve In Any Capacity In 2022

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today confirmed that after his term officially ends in 2022, he is prepared to serve Kenyans in any capacity. Uhuru’s revelation has sparked a heated debate online with Kenyans making speculations about the capacity he was alluding to.

He reiterated, however, during an interview with Coro FM on Monday, January 18, that he will not be seeking another run for the top seat.

“Let’s remain patriotic. Am not interested in power after my retirement, but am ready to serve the country in any capacity,” Uhuru stated.

The Head of State had previously confirmed on several occasions that, under the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) alliance, he will not extend his term or pursue a position as Prime Minister.

Kenyatta touched on BBI, education, his fallout with Sonko and other issues affecting the nation during the interview. He also sought to clear out the BBI bill’s allegations as a project intended only to help Raila Odinga, leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party.

“You are being fooled by being told this thing (BBI) is for Raila. If we allocate more money to Kiambu or Kirinyaga counties, are they neighbours of Raila? Let us not politicize BBI,” he stated.

He further claimed that the bill’s advantages outweigh the cost. Responding to critics, Kenyatta pointed out that to advance their agenda, a section of politicians had resorted to dirty politics and tactics.

“Continue abusing me, I am the President until I finish my term. Abuse is nothing to me, but try bringing chaos and see come true what I said in Kakamega, to confuse a rained on lion for a cat,” Kenyatta stated.

Kenyatta initially pointed out that he will devote his time, energy and money to fostering national unity and implementing his legacy projects as the clock ticks away in his final months in office.

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