Uhuru-Ruto wars get dirty and personal; mention my Dad, and I’ll mention your daughter

The turn of events over the last couple of years can be described as not only astonishing but extremely contradictory too. In the run-up to the 2013 elections, UhuRuto, then known as the dynamic duo, turned their feud with then Prime Minister Raila Odinga personal. Speaking at a public rally, Uhuru wondered if the ICC belonged to Jaramogi’s wife, while Ruto went after Raila’s children, forcing a response from Ida who asked politicians to deal with Raila and stay away from her kids. Eight years later, and now the two men are doing to each other what they once did to others.

Yesterday, through a lengthy speech read by Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju, the Deputy President William Ruto was issued with a red line which was drawn, and a not so subtle warning given; put your goons who keep insulting the president’s father in order, or else…

And perhaps just to show that they meant business, in a short talk about the Arror and Kimwarer scandal, the name of the Deputy President’s daughter was pulled in, and her role as Deputy Ambassador to Rome mentioned.

Tuju revived the infamous scandal, but without directly implicating the DP in it, he recalled how Ruto belittled the money that was in contention, and also brought up the fact that his daughter was an envoy in the country from which the companies that had been contracted to construct the dams came.

“It was an admirable display of optics and demeanor of humility before his real self and ego came back as he launched a scathing social media attack… directed at the person and family of the founding father of our nation Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who is not here to defend himself,” he said.

“We are sending the DP a public message that we will not countenance his venturing into crossing this line.”
Tuju said Ruto must call all his allies to order, adding that they continue to resist a lot of provocation.

“They are luring us to get into the slimy and smelly social media pig sty that some of these people occupy. But we have the truth on our side and Kenyans will be made to know the truth,” he said.

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