Uhuru roped into DP Ruto’s Dubai visit where he met 2 controversial billionaires as new details emerge

New details have emerged, linking President Uhuru Kenyatta to Deputy President William Ruto’s trip to Dubai where he met two controversial characters, one of whom is a wanted man facing charges in his home country.

Sunday Nation reports that deputy president William Ruto met the president on Wednesday hours before jetting out with no details available on his visit that caught a number of his trusted lieutenants off-guard as some of those interviewed initially termed it as “fake news”.

The publication reported that keen on having his trip that was crafted in secrecy, Ruto opted to meet the head of state to seek clearance to avoid frustrations by senior state agencies who he has maintained are opposed to his 2022 bid.

Quoting credible sources, Nation reported that “Sources said he (DP Ruto) used the meeting to seek clearance to travel out of the country. In the past, his foreign travel requests have been frustrated by the bureaucrats at State House”. 

 Ruto is reported to have met former Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar in the company of wanted controversial Nigerian political activist who was identified by Sunday Nation as Timi Frank. 

The flamboyant Mr. Frank is a wanted man in his country, Nigeria where he is facing several charges of character assassination.In 2019, Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service announced that it was suing him over a series of fraud allegations he made against the agency.

Current Nigerian vice-president Yemi Osinbajo last year announced that he was suing Mr Frank for defaming him by making corruption allegations against him.

Mr Atiku Abubakar on the other hand is former Nigerian vice-president who has been described by his former boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo, as “not trustworthy” and other not very kind terms. 

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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