Uhuru responds to Raila and Maraga during State House defiant address

After days of what appears to have been a strategic and calculated silence, the president has addressed a range of issues that for a while now have not only been hanging over his head, but have also been causing unease among Kenyans.

In what is now expected to make an already complicated situation even more puzzling, the president has come out to insinuate that the former Chief Justice, David Maraga lied last week when he said that he never received the dossier on the Judges who the president alleges, are stained by improprieties.


This leaves the country in a very unusual and confusing situation since it means that between the current leader of the nation, and the former head of the government’s third arm, one is lying to Kenyans.


During a State House meeting yesterday with leaders from the Ukambani region, the president asserted that he had forwarded the dossier containing the misdeeds of the Judges who he declined to appoint to the Chief Justice at the time, David Maraga. This is in direct contradiction to what Maraga had said last week during an interview with KTN’s Sophia Wanuna.


Not only did Maraga say that he had been denied access to the alleged dossier that exists, and which details the illegal conduct of the Judges in question, but that the list had now been tampered with. He said that the list of six Judicial officers who the president had refused to appoint wasn’t the same list that had been availed to him earlier, stating that some names had been removed, and others added.


This latest statement by the president also comes just a day after his Handshake partner and former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga challenged him to hand over the dossier that he claimed to have on the Judicial officers who he is yet to appoint. And in what will be perceived as digging in, the president reiterated his earlier stand that he would not appoint the four judges and two magistrates.


Appearing to soften his blow after the defiant speech, the president praised his working relationship with Raila, saying it had enabled him to achieve even more than he had done during his first term.

He promised the Ukambani leaders that he would be touring Makueni soon.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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