Uhuru Distances Himself From Calls For Mt Kenya Unity By Kuria, Karua and Kiunjuri

President Uhuru Kenyatta wants nothing to do with the said Mt Kenya unity talks led by NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua, Moses Kuria of CCK and TSP’s Mwangi Kiunjuri, it has been revealed.

The three leaders have been holding meetings with their counterparts from Central, the plan being to unite the region and help it face next year’s general elections as a united people.

Initially, the President rooted for the same, hoping to unite the region before leaving office next year, but is said to have lost hope after some of the leaders from there found it better to betray and abandon him.

One of his allies now says that he has decided to focus on his agenda and doesn’t want anything to do with the debate, adding that those who have tried to talk to him about it have been met with anger.

“The boss’s focus is more on development and building his legacy, if you try to talk to him about Mt Kenya politics, it will not end well,” a source close to the President told The People Daily.

The source revealed that so angry is the President that he is even no longer interested about who succeeds him as the next Mt Kenya kingpin and should not be expected to interevene.

Actually, he is reported to have decided to let those eyeing the seat fight each other as he has no preffered choice.

“In fact, he does not have any preferred choice and he told the leaders, particularly those seeking to succeed him as the region’s kingpin, to first win the support of the people,” the source is further quoted.

Uhuru’s anger has been confirmed by Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu, another of his allies, who says that he is bitter that the same people who have been fighting his unification and development attempts are now coming to be leading unity talks.

The president is also reportedly disappointed that leaders from his own backyard rejected his BBI constitutional amendment initiative, hence his decision to let them do their own thing.

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