Uhuru Clearly Indicates That He Prefers Raila As His Successor In 2022

That President Uhuru Kenyatta has settled on ODM leader Raila Odinga has his preffered successor is no longer a secret, lawyer Donald Kipkorir has said.

Uhuru has for some time now been seen as wanting Raila as the next President and on Wednesday came close to endorsing him in Kibra, Nairobi county.

The lawyer says that after what was seen in Kibra, Kenyans can now expect the President to begin implementing his plan to make Raila next President.

He opines that the climax of the endorsement should be expected soon, apparently suggesting that more interesting happenings that will upset Raila’s opponents and competitors for 2022 are on the way.

“Yesterday, whilst on development tour of Kibera, President Uhuru Kenyatta endorsed Prime Minister Raila Odinga to be our 5th PORK. That he was going to endorse is obvious to anyone with average intelligence. Only imbeciles can’t see it. The climax of the endorsement is nigh,” he says in a tweet.

Already, things are getting interesting, with people close to Uhuru, who initially bashed and attacked the former Premier, moving closer to work with him.

On Tuesday, the Mt Kenya tycoons, who Raila has thrice accused of working against his presidential bids, hosted him for a luncheon in Nairobi and gave every indication that they have also picked him.

Kipkorir remarks come amid reports that the President is doing all he can to make Raila his successor, by among others, trying to rally the Mt Kenya region, which is his backyard, behind him.

For instance, he is said to have directed Mt Kenya governors to initiate events and invite Raila, the plan being to give him exposure in the region and possibly help him get as many voted there as possible.

For Kipkorir, a staunch supporter of both principals, more should be expected, especially after the President made it clear that it is Raila he wants.

In a separate tweet, he laughs at those saying that endorsements are the first step to a loss in Kenya, especially supporters of Deputy President William Ruto, suggesting that they are trying to console themselves after the DP lost Uhuru’s support.

“UDA supporters will never run out of excuses …. so, why does UDA insist Uhuru owes them a debt?” he poses.

UDA is Ruto’s new party and his 2022 political vehicle on which he seeks to form the government.

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