Uhuru Appoints Kalonzo Musyoka as South Sudan Special Envoy a Day after meeting President Salva Kiir

President Uhuru Kenyatta has  appointed Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka as country’s special envoy to South Sudan, just a day after South Sudan President Salva Kiir held discussions with the head of state at State House Nairobi.

In a statement on Tuesday evening,foreign affairs PS Monica Juma said  the former Vice-President will continue to lead peace efforts in Kenya’s northern neighbour.

“The appointment is furtherance of Kenya’s efforts towards shared prosperity in the region, in general, and to the pursuit of lasting peace and security in South Sudan,” Foreign Affairs said in the statement.

Kalonzo is the second opposition leader that Uhuru has secured for a job in the region after Raila Odinga who is African Union special envoy for infrastructure.

The appointment comes at a time when Uhuru is hosting South Sudan President Salva Kiir who is in the country for a state visit.

On Monday night, Uhuru hosted a state dinner for the leadership of South Sudan and visiting delegates from Africa’s youngest country, a meeting attended by Raila Odinga. It is believed that during this meeting that decision to appoint Musyoka to the position was made.

With the 8th Anniversary of the independence of South Sudan just days away, Uhuru said the moment has come for the patriotic men and women of Africa’s youngest nation to secure their place in national, regional, continental and global arena.

“The leadership of South Sudan, across the entire spectrum, have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to forge for lasting peace that provides the internal stability and enabling environment for your country’s take-off, both economically and socially,” Uhuru told Kiir.

Uhuru had previously revealed Kalonzo’s pending appointment on November 10, 2018 a day after Uhuru hinted the same at the former Vice-President’s home.

At the time, State House sources revealed that Uhuru was considering appointing Kalonzo as a special envoy to mediate in conflicts locally as well as outside the country where Kenya’s help will be required.

Speaking at the burial of Kalonzo’s father in Kitui, President Uhuru Kenyatta fell short of announcing the appointment.

“Nashukuru kuwa Raila (Odinga) amepewa kazi kule AU…. ataweza kuchangia huko na hiyo pesa nyingi si ataleta hapa kwetu tu? Kuna ubaya hapo wenzangu? (Loosely translated: I’m grateful that Raila has been given a job by AU…He will be able to contribute here and don’t you think he will bring some money to Kenya? Is that wrong my brothers?),” Uhuru said at the time.


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