Ugly Scene As A Man Is Busted Making Merry With A Physically Challenged Woman

A rape suspect is fighting for his life at a Busia hospital, after receiving a dog’s beating from an irate mob for raping a physically challenged woman.

The suspect George Ouma, had crept into the victim’s house after he noticed the victim’s caregiver, leave the house at around 6pm last evening. He took advantage of the victim’s situation and forced himself on her as she screamed for help. Luckily, her brother who had just rushed to nearby Mundika market to buy vegetables, came back only to find the man in the beastly act.

Together with other angry villagers from Esikulu, they descended on the suspect with blows and kicks attracting the attention of police officers from the local patrol base. The officers rushed to the scene and saved Ouma from the wrath of the angry mob.

Meanwhile, the visibily shaken victim was rushed to Busia county hospital for treatment and medical procedures necessary for a strong rape charge against Ouma.

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    Written by Paul nyongesa

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