Ugandan Agriculture minister rips apart CS Munya in incredible and unbelievable tweet

Frank. K. Tumwebaze’s Twitter account has the verified tick, so it became clear very quickly that the scathing tweet was actually from him, and not a parody account. Then thoughts of sabotage set in, with others thinking that perhaps some Bobi Wine sympathisers had hacked into government systems, and were behind the hostile tweet. However, when no clarification was forthcoming from the Ugandan government, it was obvious that Hon. Frank Tumwebaze was indeed the writer of the post.

In a move that took diplomatic channels back to the Trump era when matters of national importance would be communicated on a Twitter timeline, Tumwebaze protested a 79 percent cut on its scheduled sugar exports to Kenya, reigniting trade disputes between the two East African Community states.

The Minister said his country was “not happy” with restrictions on its sugar exports to Kenya.
The tweet read,

Frank K Tumwebaze,MP : Psalms 124 : 1-8
Comrade Hon @PeterMunya we need a honest conversation about these trade restrictions from ur side. Wauganda hawafurahi! Don’t make this whole idea of @jumuiya doubtable. Kenya imports about 450,000 tonnes of sugar. If your sugar board ( trade police) allowed uganda to export to Kenya its 150,000 tonnes still your sugar import demand would remain unmet. So nothing explains the restrictions on Uganda. Shld we also start a board to restrict/give permits to Kenyan margarine & plastics? Yes, we could check on their standards too! #Waugandahawafurahi.

CS Munya is yet to respond to his tweets directly but a day after Tumwazebe argued his case, Munya tweeted that he is focused on bringing reforms in the sugar sector.

According to the CS, Kenya has witnessed a significant growth of 40 per cent in sugar production since 2019, thanks to the stabilization of prices.

“Fact: Since the stabilization of prices for sugarcane, the production of sugar by farmers in the Kenyan sugar belt has gone up 40% since 2019. Farmers have done their part and my Ministry is working hard to pushing the sugar reforms,” he said.

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