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Uganda presidential candidate Bobi Wine brings Busia to a standstill

Influential Ugandan politician and rapper Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine on Tuesday, November 17, received a heroic welcome in Busia, Eastern Uganda near the border with Kenya.

The visit is part of his rallies as he seeks to unsit President Yoweri Museveni in the oncoming 2021 presidential election.

Speaking during the rally, the MP thanked his supporters for turning up in large numbers, adding that it was a testament that Ugandans are tired with President Museveni.

He further urged his supporters to turn up and vote to ‘remove a dictator’ when the time comes.

“Thank you Busia for beating all the odds and making a statement. The love and support that you have showed us can never be taken for granted.

“Be ready to Vote for the Umbrella and let us make A New Uganda together as one,” the MP wrote on Twitter.

This came days after his supporters were forced to swim through a swamp to attend his rally in Muyange.

The move was the only option after the police blocked roads in a bid to stop Wine’s procession.

In his speech, Wine told the crowd that the power of the people is far much greater than those in power, further thanking his supporters for defying the police and attending his rally.

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    Written by James Mulanda




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