Uganda now lodges formal complaint to Kenya through minister

The twists and turns reverberating from Monday’s shocking incident at Wilson airport continue to give rise to new details each day. From claims of presence of a terror suspect in the DP’s entourage, to revelations in one of the country’s leading dailies that a Biotech company lay at the heart of the Ruto debacle, and to yesterday’s admission from the DP himself on Inooro that ever since 2013, he has never bothered to clear with his boss when leaving the country. Now, the latest turn of events come from the country at the center of it all. Uganda.

Although the communique from the Western neighbours might not even be connected to the Wilson incident, it’s curious that the latest from Kampala comes at the present moment.

Uganda has protested Kenya’s delay in abolishing a seven per cent levy on milk imports following recent bilateral talks meant to resolve the stalemate as Kenya attributes this on third wave of Covid-19 that has hit Uganda.

In a letter, Uganda’s Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries Frank Tumwebaze asked Kenya and Tanzania to allow Ugandan milk into their markets after a flawed soft diplomacy strategy.
Trade Minister Betty Maina and her Ugandan counterpart had, in April, agreed to abolish the trade barriers that have strained relations between the two neighbouring countries since late 2019.

Despite the fact that many discussions were held between our countries on the subject, the promised actions of removal of the same were not implemented,” Mr Tumwebaze said.

Livestock Principal Secretary Harry Kimtai said they were ready to go to Uganda for a verification mission but the country was struck by the third wave of Covid-19, leading to delays.

“However, we’re now in the process of visiting Uganda for the mission,” the PS said.

Over the last year, Kenya has had trade-related tensions with its landlocked neighbour, especially on milk products, which saw Nairobi confiscate hundreds of tonnes of Lato milk from Uganda in 2020.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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