UDA insider hints that Laikipia chaos may be pretext to postpone elections on basis of war

As the 2022 election draws ever closer, more and more interesting revelations are getting released by the day. The latest allegation has to do with the ongoing deadly raids in Laikipia County which have seen the government not only impose a curfew through its security agencies, but also conduct an intense security operation.

It has now been suggested that the Laikipia violence which has seen more than ten people lose their lives, may be a ploy by the government to find an excuse to postpone next year’s election which is scheduled for August.

This was said by self-confessed Hustler Movement Wala Nyasi leader and Deputy President supporter, pastor Gerald Bitok. He was speaking on Radio Jambo’s weekly popular political show Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi which was hosted by Bramwell Mwololo. Others on the panel were Amani National Congress party official Brian Mulama, and former Jubilee party nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura.

He was responding to the issue of insecurity in Laikipia which was brought up by the show’s host.

He began by acknowledging that indeed there’s a serious problem in Laikipia that requires the full attention of the country. He blamed the Cabinet Secretary for Interior Dr. Fred Matiang’I who he said was obsessed with politics instead of doing his job.

He also added that the herders and pastoralists in the area had valid concerns since in truth, some people do hold large tracts of land and have in the process displaced these herders who depend on pastoralism as their sole source of income.

He nevertheless faulted the herders for attacking their fellow civilians who are blameless in the entire issue, and are in a way, also victims of the huge landowners. He finished by saying that the people who really deserve to feel the brunt of the displaced people’s anger are the land barons.

Before concluding, he said that something else people ought to keep in mind is that the only circumstance under which an election can be postponed is if the country is in a state of war. He connected this to the Laikipia situation, and without clarifying more, said it’s food for thought.

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