“Tusidanganyane, we all know he is the one planning all the recent cases of intolerance” says Mudavadi

Yesterday, after a Church service in The House of Grace church along Lang’ata Road, hosted by Pastor Kigwa, the ANC leader, Musalia Mudavadi, had quite a lot to say during a brief presser that he held outside the church after the service.
Before taking off the gloves and going all out, the former deputy prime minister began with an analysis of the economic position that the country currently is in at the moment. He said that Kenya faced a likely economic slowdown since, production was currently exceeding consumption, and such a mismatch was bound to lead to a slowdown. He, nevertheless, added that regardless of what economic mitigating steps were taken, the economy will still take a nosedive if the ongoing unhealthy political temperature isn’t sorted out.
He had earlier, during the church service, spoke of leaders who were out to cause disunity in the country. Asked whether by this he had a specific leader in mind, he said it wasn’t just leaders, but voters were to blame too.

“…and I didn’t mean just leaders, but voters too. Why do the people vote in bad leaders who they know very well won’t be helpful? They should interrogate before voting. Not vote then interrogate. Na tusidanganyane. Tumbiane ukweli. We all know what is going on. We all know he is behind the ongoing heightened political tension in the country, and cases of intolerance”

While Mudavadi avoided mentioning any names, he is currently leading the tabling of an impeachment motion against the DP through his party ANC.

Just twenty four hours prior to Mudavadi’s latest pronouncement, a showdown had been witnessed, and unfolded before Ruto in Funyula, Busia County, involving Ayub Sabula and Soi MP, Caleb Kositany. Sabula, who is expected to lead the impeachment push in parliament reiterated his commitment to his party leader, and in a passionate stinging address, called upon Ruto to also support Mudavadi’s bid.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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