Trump’s big surprise gift for lil Wayne just hours before leaving office.

When lil Wayne, last year, just days to the election, posted a tweet in which he seemed to endorse Donald Trump for the presidency, it caused shock, as well as outrage, in equal measure. Most of his fans were angry over why he would show support for a man that had shown little regard for black lives. However, what Donald Trump has now done for him is causing people to think that perhaps lil Wayne was a smart cookie who knew what he was doing all along.

Last November, Wayne was charged with one count of possessing a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon. He had previously pleaded guilty to a felony gun charge in New York in 2009 and was eventually sentenced to a year in prison. The new charge stemmed from an incident that took place December 23rd, 2019 in Miami-Dade County in Florida.

In December, Wayne pleaded guilty to the federal charge and his sentencing hearing was scheduled to take place January 28th. The charge could’ve landed the rapper in prison for up to 10 years.
However, in a surprising and unexpected twist, Trump has now pardoned lil Wayne.
This basically means that lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter, won’t have to spend even a single day in jail.
What has been equally surprising over the last few days, wasn’t what the retiring president has done, but rather, what he didn’t do. While many expected him to pardon himself and a number of his family members, he neither pardoned himself, nor any of his family members.
In what might be a telling indication that Trump plans to return to the entrainment industry after being kicked out of the White House, the lawyer for lil Wayne spoke highly of the soon to be former president, seeking to endear him to the black community.
The lawyer, Bradford Cohen, said. “President Trump and his administration have been tireless advocates on behalf of the African-American community, These pardons are a perfect example of this administration following up on its reforms and commitments.”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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