Trevor Ombija accused of using position for profiteering and kickbacks from politicians

With the current wash wash revelations that have implicated many celebrities continuing to rage on, another young personality is accused of improper get-rich-quick tactics.

As Citizen TV’s Trevor Ombija continues to grab attention due to his recent bold confession concerning the sad and unfortunate events that took place in his love life, other accusations that he wouldn’t have wished for to surface are now being thrown towards the baritoned young news anchor. It is now being alleged that he, alongside Chief Administrative Secretary in the ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and Enterprise Development David Osiany are in the business of soliciting for favours and tenders from the powers that be.

Although in the past there has emerged a clear connection between top journalists and politicians in Kenya, this has often taken place in the later parts of these journalists’ careers. Examples include former Radio Africa boss Caroline Mutoko, former Royal Media Services presenter Julie Gichuru and former Citizen TV news anchor Kanze Dena, who have all proceeded to either find new jobs with the government, or the president.

If proven true then it would be the first time that a serving journalist is involved with the government, or a politician.

These accusations propped up after popular blogger Cyprian Nyakundi tweeted,
Cyprian, Is Nyakundi
#DefundSimps Trevor Ombija who makes money from side-deals in Government with David Osiany, was dumped. This simping pandemic is crazy.

Earlier on, Trevor told Mpasho that he was dumped even after paying bride price back in 2015.
“I was badly heart broken, I am single, not looking. I need to fix myself first. Everybody deserves the best version of the other person.

Don’t go into a relationship when you are broken. Right now I will admit it
“I am from a relationship that lasted 10 years. It is one of those relationships that were over, then they are back again

I actually took dowry to her home on December 5,2015, then akaniacha. She said that she needs to find herself,” he shared.

This has resulted in a lot of reactions online concerning the matter, with some sympathising with him over the entire incident, while others have taken the opportunity to mock him.

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