Top tanga tanga member latest to also dispute the opinion poll results that put DP Ruto ahead

As the Deputy President’s opponents from across the spectrum of his rival parties continue to dispute the recently released opinion poll results which put him ahead of everyone else, a very strange turn is now taking place, with the DP’s close ally being the latest to also join in too, and dispute the figures.

Isaac Mwaura who has emerged as one of the most vocal and fierce defenders of the Deputy President said that he too is having problems with the recently released opinion poll figures.

The Ruiru parliamentary seat aspirant was speaking while appearing on Radio Jambo’s weekly political show Mazungumzo Wazi Wazi which was hosted by Bramwell Mwololo. Others alongside him in the studio were lawyer and activist Brian Weke, and self-confessed Hustler Movement supporter pastor Gerald Bitok. Also in on the action was Amani National Congress party official Brian Mulama.

Mwaura maintained that while he indeed is in total agreement with the results in as far as the DP is leading, the margin with which the survey put the DP to be leading with was too slim. He argued, saying that from his own analysis, and following facts, figures and statistics that he had been able to assemble, the gap between the DP and his rivals was much larger.

In the poll conducted by TIFA a couple of days ago, Dr. Ruto enjoys a national support of about 38 percent, while Mr Odinga stands at 23 per cent, with Mr Mudavadi coming in at number three with 2 per cent. Both Mr Musyoka and Mr Moi have 1 per cent support.

The DP, however, suffered a decline in his national support after his figures fell by about one percentage point, from 39 per cent in June – when Tifa conducted its earlier opinion poll – to 38 per cent in November.

This is despite the many campaigns that he has held across the country and the numerous defectors that UDA has received from other political parties in the past months.

In its presentation, TIFA said that over the last 16 months, their surveys reveal several major fluctuations in Kenyans’ expressed preferences regarding their next president.

First, there was a steady decline in Raila’s rating between June 2020 and June 2021 (from 15 per cent to 8 per cent) but it has more than rebounded in the current survey (to 23 per cent).

“At the same time, over this entire period, DP Ruto’s ratings have been remarkably constant (within a range of just 4 per cent between 35 and 39 notwithstanding his almost constant campaign activities,” TIFA said.
Mr Odinga, on the other hand, gained more support in the months leading to the opinion poll, as his popularity rose from about eight per cent in June, to 23 per cent in November.

The jump saw Mr Odinga narrow his gap with Dr Ruto by two-thirds, a feat the pollster argues could be tied to the ODM leader’s recent campaigns across the country, and his perceived candidature set to be unveiled next month in Nairobi.

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