Top Secret: Hustler Nation Campaign Team adopts the Russian Maskirovka doctrine to mislead Uhuru-Raila

A campaign strategy manual from DP William Ruto’s Think Tank show the team has identified a Russian military strategy to purposely mislead Uhuru and Raila as they effectively sell the DP across the country.

Aware of the uphill task ahead, the team, lead by former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama has settled on the Maskirovka doctrine, also known as the art of deception to elevate a complete set of actions in a battlefield to bring victory.

”EMBRACE a doctrine called Maskirovka. Theatricality and deception can make a man- or a country-appear to be much more than they really are in the mind of an opponent. Follow the approach of “masking,” to mislead opponents, over-represent our team’s strength,” reads the strategy manual in part.

Muthama says the intention of using this strategy is to distract their opponents (Uhuru, Raila team), disguise what they are really doing and spread disinformation to sow confusion and delay a response against their campaign team.

An Advisory and Technical Committee on Political matters to be composed of religious leaders, youths, constitutional experts ,civil society, current elected leaders and former elected leaders has been proposed to help execute this strategt. The technical committee will be Chaired by Muthama , who will also be tasked with resource mobilization.

Other members will be Caroli Omondi, Kipchumba Murkomen, Prof Kisiagani, Anthony Kibagendi, Omar Hassan, Davis Chirchir, Kegora Magambo and Rebecca Torgei.

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    Written by Albert

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