Top lawyer blames comedian Abel Mutua and his Kawangware Housewives for Enziu tragedy

Despite the fact that Abel Mutua Musyoka, Kenyan actor, screenwriter, and producer who owns Phil-lit Productions is from Kamba-land, few would expect him to be dragged into the whole debate regarding the heartbreaking incident at River Enziu which saw a bus sink and result in the deaths of tens. Ordinarily, most blame would be expected to be thrown at either Kitui County governor Charity Ngilu, or Infrastructure CS, James Macharia.

Nevertheless, top lawyer and analyst Ambrose Weda came out to claim that if only people would make an effort to watch educative documentaries such as the ones which air on channels like NatGeo Wild, the Enziu tragedy would perhaps have been avoided. Weda claimed that instead of watching things such as Real Housewives of Kawangware, had people watched NatGeo, they would have known a thing or two about geography and water levels. This, he claimed, would have helped them greatly in assessing the risks involved in crossing the river before they did so.

Weda was speaking while appearing on KTN’s weekly show Checkpoint which was hosted by the station’s presenter George Maringa. Alongside Weda in the studio was fellow analyst Gabriel Mutuma.

Tens of people died while 12 others were rescued after the bus capsized in the river in Mwingi East on Saturday.

The 12 included four children and eight adults. Fifteen of the dead are members of the same family who were going to attend a wedding of an elderly couple aged over 70 years.

The wedding which was to take place at Nuu-Mwingi did not take place following the tragedy.

Kitui governor Charity Ngilu condoled with the bereaved families and said recovery efforts would resume on Sunday morning.

“I want to send my heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in this incident and pray that God will give them strength and fortitude to bear the pain of loss,” Ngilu said.

“For now as it is getting late, we would be asking people to go back to their homes and that we start this operation tomorrow,” Ngilu said at the scene of the accident on Saturday.

“Meanwhile, I’m going to put a lot more pressure on the national government to complete this bridge because this bridge has truly caused a lot of pain,” added the governor.

Ngilu said the retrieved bodies had been airlifted by Kenya Air force to Mwingi and Kyuso mortuaries.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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