Top banker and Raila supporter exposes Ahmednasir for trying to poach him to tanga tanga

Senior Counsel and former member of the Judicial Service Commission, lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi found himself in an embarrassing position after a top banker in the country exposed him for tirelessly trying to lure him into the tanga tanga wing of Jubilee which is allied to the Deputy President. The banker who is an avowed supporter of the Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga accused lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi of harassment in a bid to have him flip sides.

Mohamed Wehliye who is not only a banker but also an advisor to the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority, SAMA, claimed that Ahmednasir, fondly referred to as the Grand Mullah, had been subjecting him to endless phone calls, WhatsApp messages, sending delegations and even coercing him among other tactics in order to get him to start supporting the Deputy President. He wrote to Ahmednasir on his TM,

Mohamed Wehliye
Oct 26
SC @ahmednasirlaw Please stop your phone calls, WhatsApp messages, DMs, delegations, arm twisting etc to try & lure me to join the hustler nation. Respect the competition please!

While the Grand Mullah didn’t come out with an outright denial of the accusations, or even an outright confirmation for that matter, he responded dismissively, casting aside Wehliye’s concerns in a confrontational and counter accusatory tweet. He wrote,

Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC
When defectors are stopped at the gate, their patience start running thin and overcome with fear that their opponents are inside the compound having tea with the boss.

Before this latest confrontation between the two men, Mohamed Wehliye had sensationally made claims about Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru immediately after news of her departure from the president’s camp of Kieleweke to the Deputy President’s side of tanga tanga emerged.

Wehliye, on his online account, claimed that the plan by Waiguru to decamp from Uhuru’s side to the United Democratic Alliance party was one that had been hatched long ago, and she had just been stalling in order to dispense with the Mashujaa Day celebrations before publicly announcing her departure.

This year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations were held in Waiguru’s county of Kirinyaga.

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