Tony Nyadundo narrates scary story of how Atieno died after she dumped him

No doubt Tony Nyadundo is a singer extraordinaire. However, his life and the lives of those close to him appear to keep taking an eerie turn that makes the Ohangla sensation have a creepy vibe around him. This seems to have started right from his birth when they were born twins, but then his twin died, leaving him alone. The “Ndoa ya mapenzi” hit maker is now revealing a very disturbing story.

Nyadundo says that Atieno, the lady in his hit song ”Atieno Oberana” gained massive fame after he sang about her. Rich and powerful men got curious to see how this Atieno that Nyadundo sang about looked like, and sadly for him, she was too weak to resist them, and succumbed to their charms. The singer says that when this happened, he didn’t get stuck there fighting to get her back. Instead he decided to move on with his life. He didn’t make it clear whether Atieno stuck to one of her suitors or if she started wandering from one of them to the next.

What Nyadundo nevertheless disclosed is that, just some time after she left him, she died. He didn’t reveal how she died and the cause of her death, or even the circumstances surrounding her demise.
The singer was speaking on KTN’s popular entertainment show, Benga Stars.

In the wide ranging interview, Nyadundo revealed how, interestingly, it’s former Prime Minister Raila Odinga that is the inspiration behind his Obama song, and not even the former USA president himself. He said that about just two days before Obama’s arrival, Raila called him and asked him to see if he could fix up something good about Obama, and that was how he came up with the popular composition.

Nyadundo also caused laughter after narrating how one time, during his performance, fracas broke out and people began fighting. He comically explained, dramatising the incident which finally turned into theft after some of the young men took advantage of the situation to rob him of the money that he had been given by revelers.

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