Tom Wolf reveals the hidden meaning behind phrase “undecided voters”

In a rare admission of their mode of operation, and the real meaning behind some of the phrases that they commonly use, celebrated pollster Tom Wolf who worked previously with Synovate gave a detailed explanation. Breaking it down bit by bit, the American citizen also shared the real meaning behind the widely used phrase, “undecided voters”.

Tom was speaking while appearing on Citizen TV’s Newsnight which is hosted by Waihiga Mwaura. Alongside Wolf on the show was former Mukwer-ini member of parliament Kabando wa Kabando, and Political Analyst Joseph Simekha.

Responding to the complicated issue of undecided voters from his host, and who exactly they are, Wolf went into a long explanation that stretched back to the Mwai Kibaki era. He began by basically saying that what’s often referred to as undecided voters, is usually mixed with many other factors that make a voter unclear on his or her choice including apathy.

In a nutshell, the popular pollster said that the so called “undecided voters” are in reality products of undecided leaders who still haven’t declared whether or not their names shall be on the ballot.
He cited the 2007 General Election case. Before the 2005 referendum in which President Mwai Kibaki’s proposed constitution failed miserably, the number of undecided voters was massive.

However, with time, and especially after the 2005 referendum, the battle lines were drawn and the options became obvious. With this, the number of undecided voters dropped drastically.

He also gave another example of the months prior to the 2013 poll. By 2012 when it still wasn’t clear who exactly the then Prime Minister Raila Odinga would be facing in the polls, the number of undecided voters was incredibly high. However, immediately Uhuru and Ruto teamed up to create Jubilee, the undecided voters disappeared immediately.

The veteran pollster concluded by asserting that those who are often referred to as undecided voters are usually, in reality, already decided voters who just haven’t been given the option which they desire.

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