Tom Wolf; often when I ask respondents who they’ll vote for next year, they say me

Popular pollster Tom Wolf who was formerly with Synovate, previously known as Steadman, has come out to shade light on some of what he claims are the common responses that they receive when they conduct polls about who people intend to vote for in next year’s general election. In a revelation that is expected to attract controversy on an already controversial field that is often accused of bias and inaccurate figures, Wolf claimed that on many occasions, whenever he asks randomly selected respondents who it is they intend to vote for, they say him.

Tom was speaking while appearing on Citizen TV’s Newsnight which is hosted by Waihiga Mwaura. Alongside Wolf on the show was former Mukwer-ini member of parliament Kabando wa Kabando, and Political Analyst Joseph Simekha.

Responding to the complicated issue of undecided voters from his host, and who exactly they are, Wolf went into a long explanation that stretched back to the Mwai Kibaki era. He began by basically saying that what’s often referred to as undecided voters, is usually mixed with many other factors that make a voter unclear on his or her choice including apathy.

He then went on to reveal that one constant problem they encounter when conducting polls is that, in an effort to shrug off questions on their preferred candidate, respondents go for someone who they obviously know won’t be appearing on the presidential ballot. Wolf shared that among the common responses they usually get is of subjects saying that they will vote for him (Tom Wolf).
Another unlikely response that Tom admitted to regularly receiving is of those saying that they would be voting for the outgoing incumbent, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Worth noting is that, while anyone is free to contest for any political seat in the land, there are some rules and regulations that rule out people like Tom Wolf and Uhuru Kenyatta from contesting in next year’s poll.

Wolf, who is an American citizen is not allowed to contest for the Kenyan presidency. Neither is anyone with dual-citizenship. As for Uhuru’s case, anyone who has ruled the country for two consecutive terms isn’t allowed to vie again.

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