Tina Masika mercilessly scolds poor HIV positive young victim of physical domestic abuse

In an unbelievable show of disregard and insensitivity, the usually jovial and cheerful Radio Jambo presenter Tina Masika gave a young 22 year old victim of physical abuse a tongue lashing that bordered on dehumanisation and cruelty, causing listeners to conclude that the presenter must have simply been having a bad day since she isn’t known for such conduct.

The young lady who also confessed to having been infected with AIDS by her abusive husband, had called in during the station’s Bustani La Masawe show, Dead Beat segment.

She narrated how she had undergone what can only be described as a living hell in her husband’s hands.

”’He would come home late and drunk. Whenever I dared to ask him I would receive a deadly beating. I got a child and decided to leave after the situation became unbearable. However, the situation has become worse. He doesn’t take care of his child. On top of this, I recently found out that not only am I pregnant again, but that am also HIV positive. He knew he was sick all along and was secretly taking ARVs…”

In the studio were Masawe Japani and Tina Masika.

After listening to the woman’s predicament, Tina called the man and pretended to be a children’s officer. However, the man was dismissive and rude. The fellow, who went by the name Frank, a boda boda rider, spoke to the woman offhandedly, asking whether he chased her or if she went on her own volition.

Frank finally discovered that he was on a radio show and not speaking to a children’s welfare Officer, and ended the call angrily.

After this, the woman couldn’t hold herself together anymore. She burst out crying to Masawe, wondering what on Earth she was going to do. She disclosed that even her parents didn’t know about her health status, and that if they did she would be in trouble. Feeling hopeless, she started crying wondering what she would do, now that the man had deserted her.

However, Tina who took over from Masawe, rudely and dismissively told her to stop crying wipe her tears and shape up. This made the woman fall into an even more mournful lament, but it didn’t touch Masika at all. She told him crying wouldn’t take her anywhere, and that instead, she needed to be strong for her daughter, and stop being weak.
In a heartbreaking show of helplessness, the young lady finally accepted amid sobs and thanked them for their time, but with unmistakable hurt in her chest.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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