This will land me in trouble one day; a shaken Linda Ogutu asks Kenyans to help her

KTN News presenter Linda Ogutu has come out to plead with Kenyans to come through for her and assist her. Expressing the fears and the discomfort that she’s currently undergoing, Linda Ogutu admitted she was fearful that the acts presently targeting her and being done in her name, would most likely land her in trouble.


All this comes in the backdrop of intense online activities that have caused a stir across the country, and gone ahead to thrust Linda in the eye of a storm which she says she knows nothing about.


For some time now, a fake Twitter account which has been imitating Linda’s actual handle has been posting things that, while not necessarily offensive, do not represent the views of Linda all the same. For example, after the demise of former KTN journalist Robert Soi, a look at the account shows that whoever is running it quickly posted about the death of the long time journalist.


However, things took a drastic change recently when the imposter decided to go all out and post information that was not only inaccurate but also potentially criminal.


Following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to appoint only some of the Judges that JSC recommended to him and ignore others, the imposter ran a misleading story that one of the Judges who had been ignored, Judge Joel Ngugi of the High Court, and stationed in Nakuru, had called Uhuru a dictator.


This caught the attention of many big and powerful people, with even the Judicial Service Commission reportedly coming to deny the report that Judge Joel Ngugi had said this.


Seeing the impact that this had caused, Linda Ogutu quickly rushed to do damage control, disowning the account and declaring it fake. She called out to Kenyans in a tweet, saying that this was a collective effort which required people to pull in and help.

She gave out her real online links, and cried out that if the parody acts are allowed to go on, then very soon, they are going to land her in trouble.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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