The week that was; when Omari began promoting Radio Jambo live on air on Radio Citizen.

Danstan Omari is a lawyer of no mean repute. His fairytale story of how he has risen from a school teacher to one of the country’s most prominent lawyers has inspired many including political analyst and lawyer Ken Echesa, who has also seen a change of professions, from the classroom to the courtroom.

He had been invited on Radio Citizen to talk about a range of topics, including the recent tussle that’s being witnessed between the Executive and the Judiciary, occasioned by the president’s failure to appoint all the Judges forwarded to him by the JSC.

However, in a moment of excitement and confusion, Danstan Omari ended up heaping praises on Royal Media Services bitter rival, Radio Africa. It is worth noting that years back, S.K Macharia, the owner of Royal Media Services was once embroiled in a messy legal war with Radio Africa’s Patrick Quarcoo, with Quarcoo accusing Macharia of vandalising and stealing his equipment.

Omari was talking about the president’s assault on the Judiciary, and why an affront to the Judiciary is an affront to everyone.

This was during an hour long interview on Citizen Radio’s morning show hosted by Vincent Ateya, and his co-host, Melody Sinzore.

Omari was in the process of explaining how everyone is affected by the Judiciary, and how whoever feels aggrieved, always finds the courts to be the option of last resort.

Praising the good work that Citizen Radio is doing, he said that if it was to come under attack, it would not only seek, but also find solace in the courts. However, instead of Citizen Radio, he said Radio Jambo.

Going on with his praises, it became apparent that he wasn’t going to correct himself, and probably wasn’t even aware of what he was doing. At his point, Melody Sinzore quickly jumped in and corrected him, making it clear that the station which the listener was currently tuned in to was Citizen Radio, and not Radio Jambo.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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