The week that was; Right-honourable Raila impresses with hilarious British accent

While former Prime Minister and Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga is known to be a theatrical speaker, this is mostly due to his vitendawilis and football analogies. He pulled a new rabbit out of his hat while responding to a question about police brutality, and what he felt should be done. Contrasting the Kenyan situation to that one in the United Kingdom, Raila said that somewhere such as London, a citizen who has lost his or her way could easily walk up to a police and ask for the way.

”Excuse me, can you please show me the way to Covington Gardens?”

In Raila’s little role-playing, when he assumed the persona of the police answering back the stranded passerby, he surprisingly used a strange British accent, attracting a chorus of laughter from the battery of journalist from Gukena Radio and other media houses who were interviewing him at his Karen home.

He caused more laughter when he contrasted this with the Kenyan situation where, if a young man goes to ask a police officer the way to Kariako, he will end up being arrested for loitering and intention to commit a felon.

He stated that the best way to rectify this problem would be institute proper and more stringent police reforms.

Meanwhile, on matters BBI, Raila says that any Kenyan is at liberty to move to the Supreme Court over the BBI bill as Kenyans were also involved in the process.

Although the two handshake partners had agreed to put the matter to bed after the Court of Appeal ruling, the ODM leader said that does not stop anyone from moving to court over the matter.
“Mimi na Rais Kenyatta tuliamua hatutaenda Supreme court kupinga uamuzi wa mahakama ya Rufaa, lakini mtu yeyote ana haki kuelekea malalamishi yake katika mahakama ya juu zaidi nchini,” Raila said on Friday.

According to the ODM leader, the BBI stoppage was going to affect several parts of the country where entire constituencies may be scrapped as well as deny certain regions a piece of the National cake.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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