The week that was; popular sports journalist puts aside professionalism and attacks Ghost

Popular KTN sports journalist Hassan Juma, or as he likes to put it, Hassan Jumaaaaa, is one of the most likable personalities on television. This goes for the national football team head coach Jacob Ghost Mulee as well. He takes questions from any journalist, and never shows bias for Radio Africa reporters who are his colleagues. With two such wonderful personalities, one would expect that Hassan Juma and Jacob Ghost would make the best of friends, and quite easily share a good joke, and a good laugh too after a match. However, whatever there is between the two played out in the open during a public shameful display.

Following Harambee Stars’ lackluster performance against the Ugandan Cranes, which saw them only manage a nil-nil draw, the evening’s sports news on KTN was read by Hassan Juma, and he wasn’t in the mood to even try and act like he was satisfied with the day’s performance by the Stars. What he read out in the bulletin caused listeners to wonder if that was really what was written on the teleprompter, or if he was simply using his own words that came to him out of anger.
He reported that after the match, Jacob Ghost Mulee could only manage to offer “vijisababu” (flimsy excuses) for the poor performance. He then let viewers listen in on the vijisababu on a clip that showed Ghost Mulee’s post match analysis.

Ghost claimed that his is a new team, and is yet to gel and bond properly. He explained that he had just finished the process of assembling a lineup that hasn’t played together for long, and that was the reason for the sloppy display against a Ugandan side which he said, has been playing together much longer, and was just coming from a match with Ethiopia.

After the clip, Juma continued with his tirade against Jacob, by throwing a barb at him in the form of a Kiswahili saying. He said, Mbaazi ikikosa kuwa, ni usingizi wa jua daima dawama. Which is translated to mean that whenever a lousy farmer’s pees do badly, he blames the sun.

Not yet quite done with Ghost, the sports reporter went on to the international news items, but then afterwards, showed viewers the shoes he was wearing, which were made from the national flag. He nevertheless termed his day’s fashion decision as a waste of time and energy since he had gotten all dressed up just to watch a tasteless disappointing draw.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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