The week that was; Jane Mugo clashes with judge in dramatic incredible scene in court

Although controversial private detective Jane Mugo is known for picking fights with journalists and opposing counsel in the courts, this time she picked a strange and rather powerful adversary. She survived being thrown in the court cells for contempt by a whisker following a dramatic escalation of tempers occasioned by a chaotic confrontation between her and Milimani Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku.

Mugo appeared in court with her lawyer Danstan Omari, ready for the hearing of the case where she is accused of threatening to kill one Deepa Shah.
In the case, Mugo is accused of threatening to kill Shah on February 4, 2019, at Kyuna Close within Spring Valley.

However, before the case could even kick off, Jane took out two phones and began recording the proceedings. Faster than the magistrate could register her disbelief or objection to this conduct, she began recording the Magistrate herself. Unable to hold back any longer, the shocked and indignant Martha Mutuku ordered Jane to immediately stop taking the video since she was an accused person and thus, has no right to take any footage of the court, or even any photos. Things seemed to get to a head after Jane ignored her and continued with her recording.

The case was however set to witness even more drama after the complainant couldn’t utter one single Kiswahili or English word, and this brought the proceedings to an abrupt end. The case was adjourned after the prosecution said they did not have an interpreter in court.

The prosecution counsel Anderson Gikunda, requested for an adjournment stating that the complainant only understands Gujarat.

Gikunda also said they had another hearing which would take long before they can hear another matter.
The magistrate granted the application and adjourned the case to July 12.

During plea taking in 2019, Mugo’s lawyer, Omari, had said his client was being harassed and intimidated by the police.

“Your honour, this is the greatest witch-hunt by State through police. Jane has been one of their undercover operatives known to them, it is an action against one of them,” Omari said.

“Your honour, we want the firearm certificate verified by Firearm Licensing Board,” said Omari.

The lawyer told the court that Mugo’s tribulations emanated from a civil case number 358/2017 where the defendants were jailed by the court and his client was awarded costs.

Mugo is out on a cash bail of Sh100,000.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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