The week that was; drama galore after Dr. Ezekiel Mutua asked about deputy Jesus tag

For a person who boasts of being a former Mass Communication student, a trained journalist, and at one point, even a lecturer in the same field, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua acted quite unprofessionally when asked about the deputy Jesus tag, resulting in unnecessary drama. The Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, who was clearly not amused by the name that people have recently taken to calling him of late, decided to tackle the issue abrasively, and in the end causing a spectacle of the entire thing, rather than tackle it in a more relaxed and diplomatic manner.

Ezekiel Mutua was appearing on ntv’s weekly show titled “With All Due Respect”, and hosted by James Smart. Alongside him in the studio was Alex Awiti, the Aga Khan provost. Also joining them virtually was popular pop singer Vivian, and Mwende Ngao.

Very early in the interview, James Smart decided to go directly to the sensitive question, naughtily asking him how he felt about being referred to as deputy Jesus by, not just some netizens, but also Kenyans on the street.

The KFCB boss was incredulous. He shot back, dismissively saying that such a tag would only thrill people who aren’t religious, or who don’t highly regard the tenets of the Christian faith. However, as a Christian, he continued, he was completely disgusted by such a tag.

It appeared that the more Mutua spoke, the more he got excited and hysterical. He gave a brief background of his nicknames, saying that they first began by calling him “moral cop” in order to make him appear dogmatic, but when it didn’t work, they then resorted to their current nickname.

At this point, having gotten completely charged up and incensed, he decided to rubbish the entire question all together. He abruptly brought the debate to a sudden end by saying that the show and discussion was too important to engage in petty things such as the nonsensical taunting nickname.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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