The Tahidi High curse strikes again; misfortune hits another one in the growing list of miserable Tahidi ex-stars.


Once again, the cruel hand of fate has thrust another famous former Tahidi High star into misery, and his case was even more frightening, as he escaped death from a lynch mob by a whisker.


At this point, it is no longer even possible to keep count of what has happened to who, when it comes to former stars of the once popular TV show Tahidi High which enjoyed a cult like following back in the day.


If it’s not Dennis Mugo ( O J) battling with alcoholism, it’s Omosh battling with the same in addition to family wrangles and financial difficulties. If it’s not Angel Waruinge who was popularly known as Miss Morgan struggling with depression, then it’s Bernard Mwangi, popularly known by his stage name Mr. Mweposi.


Granted, there have been a couple of success stories. Melvo has gone on to start a beautiful family with Cate the actress from mother-in-law, while Tanya has kept making major moves ever since, and is currently riding high with Zora which is the hottest thing on prime time presently. Of course Freddie is the biggest success story out of Tahidi, and has gone on to revolutionise the entire entertainment industry.

However, the cases of failure have been more and impactful.


When news broke out last week that there had been a shooting on Moi Avenue where a gun owner had accidentally shot and killed a guard while aiming for some street thieves, people didn’t know that the person in question was Ainea Ojiambo who starred on Tahidi High as Mr. Mutungi, the no nonsense Educational Board Officer who would always give Miss Morgan a hard time whenever she had committed an administrative failure in the course of her duties.


Following the shooting, a mob had already built up and had began baying for Ainea’s blood, deaf to any persuasion that the shooting had been by mistake. It took police intervention to rescue him from what was increasingly looking like the jaws of death.[0]=AT0MUg_YBlpOAi1TiUH1SbhXUrX2-Yj4Fyk7u7RMnzo9GgZpoEAJmNFhxJg7ZvMQkyLUlObQtgcANuSgYHVcQjZW7C5_iqvFzgdPAehQJ2H9iYoXUFudEuPLgkOvN7efhQybPDrNP__5AfthQvJMw-4qCB8aOzL2O0nOd2Z1mvD0XqU

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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