The strength of a General; how Badi stayed unshaken in last week’s terrifying uncertainty.

Last Friday was a day like no other for head of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services, Major-General Mohamed Badi of the Air Force. However, what remains impressive throughout the entire ordeal is that, not for a single moment was there a hiccup, or disruption of any kind experienced in the operations of the NMS.

In what for a military man like Major-General Badi must have seemed like a coup, for a whole day, there was an apparent challenge on his authority. No one knows to date who the originator of the hoax was, but in a well orchestrated and coordinated misinformation campaign, a piece of fake news was disseminated across the country.

For an entire day, the country was under the impression that the High Court had declared the Nairobi Metropolitan Services unconstitutional. So effective was the propaganda machinery, that none less than the person of the Solicitor General himself had to respond. It took an official statement from the General Solicitor, Kennedy Ogeto, to finally set the city and country at ease.

The government dismissed reports of an alleged court ruling that declared Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) unconstitutional.

Through the Office of Solicitor General, the government said the court had already ruled that NMS was lawfully and properly established with Executive Order No 3 of 2020.

The case was determined and final judgment rendered by the court on September 17, 2020. By the said decision, the court found that NMS was properly and lawfully established … and that the County Assembly was involved in the process leading to the establishment of the NMS in accordance with the law,” Solicitor General Kennedy Ogeto said.

What was most noticeable, however, is that throughout the whole episode, and even after it, Maj-Gen Badi is yet to respond to the false claims. Even more impressive is that the official online handles of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services concentrated on issues of running the city, and not once did they respond to the outrageous rumours.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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