The skin is Esau’s but the voice is Jacob’s as Mt. Kenya leaders leave Kenyans confused

Following a meeting of Mount Kenya region leaders that was held in Naivasha, the media briefing turned into a classic case of those who have eyes seeing for themselves while those who have ears hearing for themselves. Despite the fact that it was announced Martha Karua had been chosen as the group’s interim spokesperson, what happened immediately afterwards showed clearly who the defacto leader of the caucus was. It was reminiscent of the Bible story where Jacob, with the help of his conniving mother, tried to pass himself off as his brother Esau, yet his demeanour kept betraying him.

Immediately after the meeting, Moses Kuria proudly and loudly announced that Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua had been chosen as the group’s interim leader.

In the press briefing, the leaders said they had come together to address permanent issues affecting their region ahead of the 2022 General Election.
“This forum is not limited to the presidential race but to unite the Central Region and the diaspora. It is not a short-lived forum but one that will outlive us,” Karua said.

She went ahead to only give a brief statement on the mission of the caucus and ambition. Instead, it was former Kiambu County governor William Kabogo who proceeded to display leadership roles, issuing a more comprehensive statement, and even going ahead to list all the possible avenues that the group intends to take. Going further to even defend the meeting from accusations of ethnocentrism, he argued that there was totally nothing wrong with a group from Mount Kenya region caucusing for the interests of its people.

The leaders, drawn from various parts of the Mount Kenya Region said they were working on a blueprint that would be served to all presidential candidates seeking votes in the region, known for voting as a bloc.

William Kabogo has previously been touted as one of the viable presidential candidates from the Mount Kenya region owing not just to his vast resources but also his proximity to the so called Mount Kenya mafia which is believed to largely hail from Kiambu County that also happens to be the county of Kabogo.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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