The power of betting firms; Gidi and Ghost encourage gambling addict caller to keep betting!

It is no secret that the power of betting companies is so mighty that few industry players can dare stand in their way. However, the potency of their unchecked influence on journalists, and how they hold the media industry hostage through their massive advertisement budget was on full display recently, and caught almost everyone by surprise, and left them in disbelief.


Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi on Radio Jambo is one of the country’s most popular morning radio shows, giving there sister station classic FM’s Maina and King’angi a run for their money. Recently, however, an incident took place that brought in direct conflict the role of Radio as far as Social Responsibility is concerned, and commercialisation.


A caller by the name Matheka from Nairobi phoned in during the duo’s popular segment, Patanisho. He said that he had been having marital problems with his wife which eventually led her to leave him. Gidi and ghost asked him what the problem was, and he said he had been financially irresponsible. They asked him whether he was the kind that spent his money on alcohol, or women, but Matheka said neither. He instead confessed that he has been a gambling addict but was recovering, and just needed the two to help patch up things between his wife, who went by the names Mama Harry, and him.


Usually, at this point, Gidi asks the caller whether he or she is sure that they have dropped whatever vice that might have led to the deterioration of their relationship. Noticeably, Gidi didn’t ask this but instead went to a break, after which he was to make a call to Matheka’s wife, mama Harry.


However, after the break, before he made the call, Gidi and Ghost moved from just tacit approval of betting to outright recommendation. They told Matheka that betting isn’t a bad thing, and that it was only bad when it was done irresponsibly.


It is worth noting that Ghost, before his appointment as national team coach, frequently served as a betting consultant during football game matches broadcast live, when he would give people tips on how to bet.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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