The only party that is formidable is ODM, DP Ruto now says

Deputy President William Ruto has stated that Raila’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party is the only party in the country that has a national look that could match that of his Hustler Movement.

DP Ruto was speaking during an interview on Thursday, March 25, 2021 where he acknowledged that the ODM is the only party that can challenge his Hustler Movement.

“These other small parties are tribal groupings that do not pose a serious challenge to the growing Hustler movement. The only party that is formidable is ODM. That I can acknowledge,” Ruto stated.

Ruto spoke barely hours after he had stated that he was open to working with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

ODM party through its Secretary General Edwin Sifuna also released a statement stating that the party was looking to form a new alliance with the like minded parties.

“We are focused on an alliance that adds to the national discourse not what it gets, a coalition that adds not takes away from us.

“But it is not just coalitions and alliances we are working on. We are strengthening ourselves as a party and preparing to compete everywhere in the country,” Sifuna said.

The second in command also maintained that he is the only politician who can mobilise as many Members of Parliament as possible. 

“The hustler movement is larger than any other political outfit. Raila can only put together maybe 80 MPs, Wiper Party 20 and Wetangula 10. Yesterday, I mobilised over 140 MPs here, no other politician can do that,” Ruto stated.

“There’s a perception in Kenya unless you are working with certain leaders whose fathers are well known, then you are working alone, which is not the case for me,” DP added. 

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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