The department Targeted, was that of Irrigation in ministry of Water and Irrigation CS Eugene Wamalwa. The 65B was allocated in 2015/17 Financial year when Eugene was the CS.

Immediately the money was made available, William Ruto, pushed for changes in the cabinet. Eugene taken to Devolution and Mr. Chelugui appointed as the new CS for Water & Irrigation in 2018.The new CS helped in the transfer of about 75% of 65B to Italy in collaboration with CS Rotich of Treasury. When that was completed Ruto went to Italy Rome in December 2018 accompanied by Mr. Muge and transferred about 6.5B to London then to Barclays Bank Westland Branch, the manager is now under probe to reveal names of those who withdrew the loot.This is where Ruto is getting the 7B figure.

On his return from Italy, Ruto transferred Irrigation Department to the Ministry of Agriculture headed by Mwangi Kiunjuri to absolve the new CS just Incase the racket is discovered, making it easy for the new CS to blame Eugene Wamalwa. This is the reason recently CS Chelugoi told Kinoti during the probe “It wasn’t me”. A while ago CS Kiunjuri was under fire from the president because all Rift Valley MPs pointed fingers at him thereby shielding CS Chelugui. In retaliation Kiunjuri spilled the Beens of the rot at NCPB and Ruto’s,Murkomen and Mandago’s 500,000 Acres of Land in Congo meant for Maize farming. It was during this time when Ruto and team were persuading Rift Valley farmers to adopt Avocado farming to reduce Maize supply competition to the NCPB.

FUTHER, Ruto recommended KVDA as the implementing Agency of the two Dams and immediately re-constituted its 9Member Board which is 100% Kalenjins. KVDA is falling under the Ministry of EA Affairs &Regional Development which is way off the radar of Ministry of Water &Irrigation and that of Agriculture. They identified a societal project that is in the hearts of many, went around marketing Arror and Kimerer Dams and the locals accepted it. That was done to buy trust and offered a soft ground for figures to be floated(65B) and finally accepted by Uhuru Kenyatta.

The field is now leveled, proxies and under covers plotted, confusion in ministries’ accountabilities interfered with, Italy point lady (his daughter)in place at the Kenya Embassy and the loot was as good as gone.

Part of the loot was used to buy legislatures(Around this time ODM lost some legislators from the cost), buy young Luhyah MPs and some governors. Church donations intensified and rebranding of Ruto as God fearing, Philanthropic and a man who cares about the needy were broadcasted more so in K24 the High he took over as the owner.

CMC RAVENA of Italy was awarded 5 Dam Contracts i.e Arror,Kimerer,Etare,Radat,Marigot and Kithinu in Nkubu of Meru County. Among these Dams it is only Etare Dam which was abandoned at 43% completion and the rest remain white Elephant projects. Government auditor Ouko warned that we have up-to 365B worth of projects abandoned.

According to Treasury CS Rotich, The National Planning was engaged way AFTER the process of Identification,procurement and prioritization by then line ministry (Water and Irrigation~~ Eugene Wamalwa) and implementing Agency(KVDA) was completed.With this statement he has completely absolved himself from blame.

Now that CS Chelugui and Rotich denies involvement the ball is passed to Eugene Wamalwa and Mwangi Kiunjuri of Agriculture under whose docket the empty shell of Irrigation Department was moved. Ruto appointed her daughter June Kipchirchir as a second senior consulate in our Embassy in Italy Rome to act as the secrete agent of Kenya wing cartels and counterparts CMC Ravena Italy.

In this meeting (picture attached) in Italy William Samoei Ruto agreed to the proposal of CMC RAVENA to go for Bankruptcy and vacate the country because there is a Bank guarantee to take care of the mess.I will take care of it he retorted.

In his media defense, Ruto has been floating this carrot of Bank Guarantee and that the projects will be completed Incase money is lost or the contractor is declared Bankrupt.

William Samoei Ruto exploited the gaps and played chase, shifting of roles, cabinet reshuffles and transfer of departments to protect key actors in the saga. Money transfer from Kenya to Italy then London before wired back to Barclays Bank Westland Branch to secret places believed to be in the Forest in Rift Valley not homes.

His strategy:- Attack Raila Odinga as defense, he has always been used as the common enemy and appear passionate to government projects and bring in KQ take over of JKIA debate because Uhuru has great interest in KQ and play with emotions of Kenyans to clear the air and blackmail the president to drop the probe. Having played with evidence and clever in money transfers ask them for HARD EVIDENCE. These have become his line of defense.

Will it work???

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    Written by The Kenyan Report

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