The killer head-teacher; How Jane Muthoni’s failed assassination of husband’s alleged lover turned her into a Black Widow.

Former Ichachiri Secondary School principal Jane Muthoni was yesterday found guilty of the murder of her husband, Solomon Mwangi Mbuthi, himself the then principal of Kiru Boys Secondary School.

Reading the text messages that were exchanged before the brutal murder of her husband is a walk in the mind of a cold blooded scorned and vengeful woman.

The full story of Jane Muthoni Mbuthi, and her transformation from a dutifully wife and school principal to a murderous convict reads like a story from a crime novel.
When Jane first suspected her husband of infidelity, she reached out to a man called Nelson Njiru to help her solve the issue. Nelson was one of the suppliers of her school.

Nelson connected her to a lady who court records only identified as Damaris, and seemingly worked in a telecommunications company.

. “I know Njiru for five years. He wanted us to meet since there was a lady Mwalimu who wanted help from me,” Damaris told judge Joel Ngugi.
She told the court she met with Njiru and the teacher at Icon Hotel on Thika highway, where the woman introduced herself as Ichachiri Secondary School headteacher Jane Muthoni.

“Muthoni said she would pay Sh200,000 for the person who can provide her with message records of her husband’s phone, but I did not have the means,”

Later, having devised her own means to get the messages, Jane trained her guns on the woman she believed was having an affair with her husband.

He paid a bunch of criminals to eliminate the young woman, who was also an Mpesa agent, but this wasn’t able to happen because the M-Pesa shop was located near Kiria-ini police station and a bank which both had police officers.

It was after this debacle that she then set her heinous plan on her husband who she later organised to have him killed.

Nelson remains on the run.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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